I’ve been suffering with lower back pain for about 21 years now and in addition to that I had to get endoscopic surgery on both of my knees to remove damaged cartilage (about 18 years ago). My friend has been pushing me to try Acupuncture but I thought it was just a bunch of nonsense. Finally, about 10 weeks ago, I went to the Nell Laser Clinic and after only 6 treatments I started feeling so much better that I’ve even managed to get back into working out again. I could not believe it myself. Of course, if one does not have supplemental medical insurance such treatment could be costly but even if I didn’t have it knowing that Acupuncture would bring such drastic results, I would definitely scrape some money to ease the pain, which I was experiencing for so many years. Thank you very much to Nell Meibodi for being so attentive and listening to all of my concerns and questions and of course for producing such incredible results in fairly short period. With regards,


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