In women, every month, until after menopause an egg is released with help from the Luteining follicle hormone and this increases progesterone.  Sometimes, however, no egg is released and no progesterone is secreted rather estrogen production increases.  As a result of this imbalance the follicles mature into fluid-filled sacs or cysts that grow larger every month until progesterone is released.

Ovarian Cysts occur when there is estrogen dominance brought on by poor elimination of waste by the lymphatic systems, colon, liver and kidneys.

A diet rich in meat and dairy products also elevates estrogen levels.

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) is a disorder whereby many (poly) fluid-filled cysts are present and male hormones are excessively high due to an abundance of the Luteining hormone.

PCOS causes acne and coarse hair growth on the face and chest.  Ten percent of the U.S. female population suffers from this hormonal dysfunction.  Along with acne and oily skin, facial hair growth these days is one of the main social phobias women experience.

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The CoolGlide (Nd: YAG) Laser family by Cutera delivers high power long pulse (1064nm energy) with a hand piece that locally cools the skin by contact cooling.  This medical grade Laser/FDA approved is designed to be safe when used by and under the supervision of trained professionals.  This family of Lasers is intended for use in aesthetic and surgical applications.

One of the effective treatments this system provides is the removal of unwanted hair.  For stable, long term or permanent hair removal or reduction the CoolGlide is the highest standard.  By selectively targeting melanin hair follicles, this Laser is able to destroy the selected hair structures.  Due to the cooling feature integrated in the hand piece the procedure does not damage the epidermis or surrounding tissue.

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