• Asymmetry: One half of the mole does not match the other half.
  • Border: the Border of an early melanoma tend to be uneven, crusty or notched.
  • Color: the color of healthy moles are uniform. A variety of colors, or if it has shades of tan, brown, black, especially white and / or blue is a bad sign.
  • Diameter: Diameter of the melanomas are usually larger than a pencil eraser.
  • Evolving: The mole appears different from others and/or changing in size, color and shape.

It’s a good idea to keep an eye out for dangerous moles. Moles can be linked to skin cancer especially if you have a family history of skin cancer linked to moles.

In addition to limiting your exposure to sunlight and using sunscreens, examining yourself for moles can help with early detection and treatment.

Skin Cancer Screening Schedule

If a close relative has a history of melanoma, or you have developed new moles you should examine your body once a month. Most moles are benign (non-cancerous).

If you notice changes in a mole’s color or appearance, you should have a dermatologist evaluate it and take a biopsy to decide how to treat it. You also should have moles checked if they bleed, ooze, itch, appear scaly, or become tender or painful.

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While you sleep your body enters into repair mode: the brain recharges, important hormones are released, and cellular rejuvenation takes place. When it comes to our skin, blood flow increases, along with DNA repair, cell proliferation (cell turnover), temperature, barrier permeability, penetration, itching, and moisture loss, in addition to decreased barrier recovery. This makes our skin even more receptive to the absorption of the types of active ingredients found in skin treatment solutions, and is therefore the best time to nourish and cure our skin. A gel cream formula is especially effective as the skin experiences more trans-epidermal water loss at night. This consistency helps to replenish crucial hydration, complementing the body’s natural fluctuations.

Sound Sleep Cocoon is a specially formulated night time skin treatment gel suitable for all skin conditions. Ingredients such as tamarind seed polysaccharide nourish and hydrate, while kadadu plum, persian silk tree, and Wu Zhu fruit brighten skin tone. Dull complexion and signs of fatigue are reduced as the skin vitality is restored. This night skin treatment product is formulated with encapsulated motion, activated to gradually release essential oils that soothe the senses. French Lavender oil and calming Sandalwood and Patchouli offer beneficial natural fragrance. To fully prepare your mind and body for a restful and rejuvenating sleep it is recommended to gently massage Sound Sleep Cocoon into the skin, while taking deep breaths to benefit from the soothing aromatherapy. The result will be healthier skin that looks as good as it feels!

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