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The 1064nm Nd: YAG laser has proved to be one of the most useful light sources for the treatment of deep vascular lesions and spider veins. A deeper penetration and a lower absorption by haemoglobin make this wavelength highly effective for thick vascular lesions, more so traditionally used shorter wavelengths (KTP, pulsed dye, IPL, diode). Adequate absorption of this wavelength is achieved by haemoglobin, a system able to control the depth of penetration through appropriate spot selection. With variable pulse duration to adjust to different vessel diameters, high fluences, and optimal cooling systems to avoid pain or burning, Nd YAG lasers can theoretically treat any vascular lesion, superficial, deep or thick. Additionally, variable spot sizes, highly-variable pulse duration and high fluences (CoolGlide Vantage, Cutera) have been evaluated for the treatment of a wide spectrum of vascular lesions. Results are especially noticeable on rosacea, leg veins, facial spider veins, cherry angioma (ruby point), and thick hemangiomas venus lake. Moderate pain was reported on deeper or thicker lesions, but was decreased with longer or additional cooling with ice packs.

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The human skin produces about one million skin cells every 40 minutes, which equates to over 36 million skin cells per day. As our skin cells renew from the deeper layer of the epidermis, the more surface cells harden and lose moisture. Eventually these cells detach from skin and are replaced by younger cells moving up from deeper layers. Desquamation (detaching) also eliminates damaged and contaminated cells that carry pollutants and micro-organisms from the environment. These superficial skin cells don’t always effectively fall from skin and may cause clogging and congestion while leaving and the skin’s surface dry and dull looking. As we age, desquamation and cell turnover slow down, from approximately 20 days in younger and middle-aged adults up to over 30 days in older adults; making professional peeling and exfoliation critical to removing the accumulation of cells that give a dry, dull, hyperpigmented appearance to the skin. Chemical peels are one of the most effective ways to address these changes. But they’re not a one-size-fits-all treatment: for optimal results, a peel should be strong enough to accelerate cell turnover but not so powerful as to induce severe skin inflammation. Through professional peels, these dulling skin cells effectively removed, and newer cells are revealed for fresher, healthier appearance.

If you have questions like, why is laser treatment best for unwanted facial hair removal? Here is the reason; laser hair removal treatment uses a non-invasive treatment which doesn’t cause the affected area to get irritated or cause redness like other methods of hair removal. Laser hair removal uses laser light to target the pigment in a hair follicle. The absorption of the light by the pigments causes the follicle to become damaged stunting the hairs’ inability to grow back. Therefore, it gives a long-term, permanent result. The laser targets melanin hair follicles which result in the selective destruction of the hair structure. More about our service on laser hair treatment; the cool glide (ND: YAG) laser family by Cutera Laser Company delivers high power long pulse (1064nm energy) using a hand-piece that also functions by cooling the skin through contact cooling. It is a medical grade/FDA approved device that is designed to be safe when used by trained professionals. For stable, long-term or permanent hair removal or reduction, the cool glide is the optimal best. However good the cool glide package is, there are also steps one needs to take and appointments to make to guarantee a long-lasting permanent result. For example; you will need to go in regularly every four to six weeks for fresh treatments to keep seeing permanent smooth results but along the way, since the laser kills 10% of the hair follicles with each appointment you will eventually need to undergo six to eight laser treatments to see significant result. If you have thick dark hair and light skin, you may lose hope thinking no treatment can help you but fortunately you are a perfect candidate for the laser hair removal treatment as it makes it easy for the laser to detect the hair follicle. A hair color that is similar to the skin color makes it harder for the laser to identify and detect the hair follicle. You can come in for a number of things ranging from chin laser hair removal, Facial laser hair removal, upper lip laser hair removal, under arms laser hair removal etc. even if you do not have the criteria to be called the perfect candidate as stated above, the laser should be able to detect a decent number of follicles every time you come in to Nell Laser Clinic in Toronto. However broad our services offered are, there are still areas on the body that cannot be treated by laser hair removal treatment, for example, we cannot treat under the eyebrows but we can take care of the space in between them. The nose and inside of the ears which is often times requested by men cannot be done by us, but every other place where laser hair removal treatment can be required, we can do. It is also highly advisable to disclose any medical history you may have which includes what medication you are currently taking before you begin your first laser hair removal treatment because it has been proven to have a significant effect on determining whether the procedure is right for you or not. As stated above, laser hair removal treatment is not for everyone but it has proven to be of significant advantage to people who try it.

Both concepts are highly uncomfortable to talk about for most people and are issues most women deal with. It’s not always a favorable situation to be in as hormonal imbalance deals with the hormones being either too little or too much in the body and since hormones are your body’s chemical messengers, they play a big role in the functioning of your body system. Any imbalance in it can be highly uncomfortable to the system. It is the norm in most women’s bodies to produce an egg every month, which is of course until she reaches menopause when she stops producing them. The process of releasing eggs in the body can’t be done without the help from the Luteinizing follicle hormone which helps in increasing progesterone. Sometimes, however, it happens that no egg is produced and no progesterone is secreted instead oestrogen are produced. This imbalance causes the follicles to mature into fluid-filled sacs also known as cysts which grows every month until progesterone is released. Effects of this imbalance can include:

Since ancient times, acupuncture has been a popular method to help improve overall health and well being. Today, patients continue to undergo this treatment to address a variety of health concerns, often noticing improvements in their outward appearance!  This has lead to a rise in facial acupuncture, which combines whole-body rebalancing with targeted needle stimulation for glowing skin.

 Acupuncture is a traditional Chinese medicine that has been utilized around the world for centuries. Tiny painless needles are inserted in the different points in the body to treat a variety of aliments, from back, knee and shoulder pain, to infertility. However, the supplementary benefits might surprise you — especially if you decide to let your acupuncturist have a go at your smile lines. Enter: cosmetic acupuncture, the reportedly safer alternative to surgery or Botox.

Anyone hoping to get a better, rejuvenated skin can opt to go under the needles. But the benefits of skin needling would be more obvious when you use it for the followingMaking stretch marks disappear or fadeReducing scars caused by surgery, burns or acneDyspigmentation or fading dark spots to achieve an even skin toneReducing wrinkles on the skinSkin tightening

Microneedling is also called collagen induction therapy. It is essentially a minimally-invasive technique of facial rejuvenation that aims to exploit the healing effects of collagen on the skin. The microneedling process employs a device with fine needles to create controlled tissue damage. The injury to the skin tissues stimulates the production of collagen and elastin, two substances with powerful skin healing properties. The treatment has actually been around for many decades and dermatologists with the know-how have used it to provide solutions to their clients’ skin problems. The recent surge in popularity may be attributed to the availability of personal microneedling devices that can be used at home, and of course, the influence of social media.

Skin tags; no one likes the sight of them. But where do they come from? Well, you can thank your family for this one. Studies have shown a genetic predisposition to the development of skin tags.

There are a number of causes associated with developing skin tags. Friction is a common reason, but the picture may be far more complicated.Let’s take a look at some of the most common reasons:Skin Rubbing Against Skin, Jewelry or tight Clothing

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