Electrolysis ,Botox, Fillers

Electrolysis is a old fashion, but safe and medically approved permanent hair removal. The treatment requires an electrologist to insert a probe in the hair follicle and introducing a current which disable the hair growth. these days this method is usually used for removing white hairs.

What is Botox? How does Botox Work?

Botox is a purified protein used to treat dynamic wrinkles caused by expressions such as frowning, etc.  It is injected into the muscle and leads to a temporary muscular relaxation.  The most common treatment areas include between the eyebrows, the horizontal lines that run across the forehead, and the crow’s feet around the outer eyes.

Who can use Botox? Is Botox Safe?

Women and men of most ages can use Botox, and it is safe.

What are Cosmetic Fillers?

Fillers are a safe, soft, injectable gel (hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring sugar found in our body) used to restore lost volume and reduce lines and wrinkles.  Hyaluronic injections also stimulate collagen production, enhancing lips, cheeks and the jaw line.

How long do Botox and Fillers last?

Up to 6 Months for Botox and one year for Fillers.  The results are instant and natural-looking.

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