Laser Spider Veins Treatment

Nell Laser Clinic, in Toronto, provides a non-invasive system with the latest award-winning Nd: YAG Laser (the –first- of- its- kind technology) by Cutera to target spider veins, strawberry moles, ruby points, telangiectasia, and rosacea on all parts of the body and face.

How does Laser Spider Veins Removal work?

A unique, microsecond 1064 nm wavelength laser coagulates the blood in the vein; the vessel is destroyed immediately and is eventually reabsorbed by the body.  Blood then goes to veins deeper below the surface, where it should be.

How many treatments will I need?

2-5 sessions, however, this and the duration of each vein therapy treatment, depends on the veins being treated.  One session could last from a couple of minutes to two hours.  Ask your Therapist about your specific situation.

Do the treatments hurt?

The treatments are comfortable, fast and safe.  There is a light stinging sensation, but no numbing medication is required.  There is little, or no, pain after treatment.

Laser Spider Veins Removal Toronto Nell

What are the possible side effects?

There are few.  For most, there is light reddening at the site and, in some cases, there might be some bruising.  Consult the Skin Therapist about the benefits and risks of the treatment.

Following treatment, you can resume normal activities.

When will I see results?

Usually within 2-6 weeks, but it might take several months.  Most treatments are scheduled 4-6 weeks apart.

Ruby Points (Cherry angiomas or Senile angiomas)

Their name comes from their colour, but Cherry angiomas can also be purple.  They are papules on the skin containing clusters of an excessive number of capillaries or blood vessels at the surface.  They form a small round dome, usually flat on top.  Cherry angiomas start one tenth of a millimeter in diameter and are flat red dots.  They can grow, and usually do if left untreated, to a centimeter or more.  As they grow they get thicker and take on the shape of a raised dome.

Middle-aged people are more likely to have angiomas, but they can also occur in younger people.

At our Clinic, we successfully remove Cherry angiomas with Laser technology.