Love Your Skin

I share 20 years of my unique experience and education in skin care and treatments with my book readers. I walk through how your diet and skin care can play a role in keeping your skin youthful for years to come. Also shares how specific treatments can be used to address past damage and even reverse its effects. No matter what your skin looks like right now, it is possible to use these treatments and skin care regimes to put your best skin forward.

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On pages 161 and 162 of LOVE YOUR SKIN you can read the last word of the author’s advice:

How Our Emotions Affect Our Hormones

As I mentioned before, hormones play a crucial role in our body’s, and skin’s health and wellness. Facial hair growth in women, and acne, are the result of the hormonal malfunction. They can also affect our mood.

As humans, we all need to love and be loved. This has a miracle effect on our happiness and health, and on beautiful skin and eyes. According to John Gray, the writer of Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus, on the topic, “Why Testosterone and Estrogen Dictate Your Relationship Dynamic,” he mentions that these two hormones are interchangeable. Men’s traditional behavior is one of giver and problem solver. He must be appreciated and accepted and needs to have enough rest to produce enough testosterone. On the other hand, women’s behavior is recognized as being a receiver, being loved, and being safe. In addition, women like to be heard, share their emotions, and be respectful and supportive to produce enough estrogen. Even a 10-second hug can produce enough estrogen and oxytocin to cause them to feel a surge of positive emotion and happiness, thus reducing their stress. In modern life, women are working like men, and men are doing many jobs traditionally associated with women, but both groups must be aware of the balance of those recognizable hormones. As I mentioned in Chapter 8, yin and yang in our body should be balanced, and so should hormones. In both men’s and women’s bodies, there are hormones, testosterone, and estrogen, which need balance to work properly and to prevent both physical and emotional conflicts.

Last words of advice, we must not forget that as human beings, we need love and affection. Filling that need has a miraculous effect on the health and vitality of our skin, body, and mind. In addition, reading books and showing love and compassion for others are factors that make people spiritually and intellectually satisfied and feeling happy. When you love others, you do not want to hurt them but try to make them happy. Reading books gives you a better understanding of others and greater overall satisfaction. As the saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” After all, compassion means being able to approach people. For this approach, we need to know we are all equal. In short, we must remember to not make fun of people for how they look, who their parents are, and where they were born—they don’t get to choose any of these things.

Finally, by combining love, compassion, and knowledge of proper skin care, we can enjoy life to the fullest, putting our healthiest and youthful skin forward!