A Causes of Acne, Skin Tags, & Facial Hair Growth

One might ask the question, what increases the risk of ovarian cancer? To begin with, never being pregnant might cause the cysts. Also, the use of birth control pills, or fertility drugs. What is meant by polycystic ovarian syndrome? Also known as PCOS, polycystic ovarian syndrome is exactly as the name implies: many cysts. It is […]

Are you suffering from acne, facial hair, skin tags? Please read this informative article. Ovarian cysts and polycystic ovarian syndrome, although sound similar, are quite different. The latter of the two is an extreme case of the first, but with different causes and symptoms. Ovarian Cysts Can occur anytime in a woman’s life, but PCOS […]

Remove Warts and Skin Tags Effortlessly

What are skin tags? Skin tags are soft, benign pieces of hanging skin that can occur anywhere on the body.  The most common places are the upper chest; neck; eyelids; and underarms. They can occur anytime in your life, but are most likely to develop in adult years. What are the factors that lead to […]

Melasma, Ochronosis causes

Melasma or (Chloasma) is patterned pigmentation on the face particularly over cheeks, and forehead especially in women. Melasma can be idiopathic (no cause) or it can be a result of taking birth control pills or during pregnancy. In the latter case, the pigmentation will fade gradually once you stop taking the pill or after pregnancy, […]

Solutions for Brown Spots, Age Spots, Sun spots removal!

As we now know, hyperpigmentation comes in many forms that are usually called age spots, sun spots, brown spots and melasma. But common to all is the presence of melanin in the body. Ephelides, Lentigo, and Pigmented naevi are all similar in nature.  Dysplastic naevi, and Malignant melanoma have much in common. Melasma or (Chloasma), […]

What causes of brown spots?

What is age spot or brown spot?  How does the body make brown spots?  How does melanin determine our skin type?  There are many disorders of pigmentation, but for now we will focus on hyperpigmentation and lightly touch on an unfortunate condition called Vitiligo, the opposite of hyperpigmentation.  We will also look at the causes […]

Laser spider veins treatment

Most people would like to remove their unsightly spider veins, but they are confused about spider veins and varicose veins: I will attempt to highlight the differences and similarities and why removing spider veins with laser therapy is so worth it. What are spider veins?  What causes them?  How do I prevent them? How do […]

Use Mineral-based Sunscreen. Sun protection with mineral based Zinc oxide and Titanium dioxide providing the skin with a high level of protection against UVA, UVB and free radicals. Mineral based products usually don’t have preservatives.  Don’t ignore diet supplements. Vitamins, minerals, herbals and enzymes will rejuvenate your skin because of their sheer nutrients. They will […]

Tips for preventing wrinkles and skin aging

Sleep on a silk pillowcase. We are all used to “crunches” of our regular cotton pillowcases, but try silk ones where the face “slides” smoothly. It will help prevent scrunching up and ultimately wrinkling your face. Eat the rainbow. Because most people want a healthy glow, not a sallow one, it is wise to look […]

Consuming good oils and reducing chance of having acne and wrinkles

 The health of our bodies and the health of our skin especially when it comes to inflammation such as Acne, Wrinkles, Eczema and psoriasis is a reflection of what we decide to ingest: Fats and Oils are no exception. Omega-6 and Omega-3 fats and their ratio are very important. Fathy fish, Avocados, and Walnuts are […]

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