Are you suffering from acne, facial hair, skin tags? Please read this informative article. Ovarian cysts and polycystic ovarian syndrome, although sound similar, are quite different. The latter of the two is an extreme case of the first, but with different causes and symptoms. Ovarian Cysts Can occur anytime in a woman’s life, but PCOS only occurs in the reproductive years of her life.

Why does the cyst form? There is a cycle to the formation of an ovarian cyst, just as there is a menstrual cycle. It begins with an egg released in the follicle [a small fluid filled sac] by the luteinizing hormone ‘s [LH] and the follicle stimulating hormones [FSH]. They do not, However, always release an egg every month. What is meant by “release”? In short, the follicle should break open to let out the egg. If the follicle does not break open it grows bigger and into a cyst. When the egg is released, the progesterone secreted is increased. The menstrual cycle should begin again if the egg is not fertilized. If the egg is not fertilized progesterone is not secreted and more estrogen is released. This is a breeding ground for cysts to develop in the ovaries.

Ovarian cysts can appear and disappear often without any symptoms such as pain, acne, facial hair, skin tags. They can appear alone, or in groups and they can be either small, or even as big as a lemon. If the follicle grows tissue inside the cyst it must be surgically removed to prevent cancer from developing. Ovarian cancer is rare, and so are remission rates. Medicine for this type of cancer is not very good. Surgery, however is not always necessary. Diet and supplement will usually make them disappear. Only if the cyst is a few centimetres, is surgery advisable.

What are the symptoms of ovarian cysts? The most obvious sign of a cyst is tenderness or pain to the touch, or a constant soreness, or a burning sensation in the abdomen. Although these are obvious signs, a pelvic examination or ultrasound is needed to discover them. It is imperative for women to get an annual physical or PAP test, because it is at this time that a pelvic exam is also done.

Ovarian cysts are located in the left or right of the lower abdomen. If a cyst erupts in the pelvis it may cause pain, and there may be blood or fluid. In addition, pain may result during ovulation or intercourse.

After menopause cysts are more serious, and you should see a doctor if you think you might have them because they could be cancerous. So, what exactly causes the cyst? In short, they are a result of a hormone imbalance [I.e. an increase in estrogen]. This increase in oestrogen being a result of waste not being properly eliminated by the kidneys, lymphatic system and colon. Heavy exercise also increases oestrogen production as does physical or emotional trauma. Prolonged stress, and eating a lot of dairy and meat also cause oestrogen to spike and caused acne, facial hair, and skin tags to be grown.

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