Skin tags on the neck are a type of benign growth, characterized by a small piece of soft hanging skin attached by a narrow stalk. Skin tags are composed of a core of fibers, ducts, nerve cells, fat cells and a covering or epidermis. There are many unrevealed causes for growing skin tags, however the most common reason for skin tags around the neck is skin-on-skin friction. Skin irritation by jewelry and  clothing.

Medical conditions that affect the body’s control of the skin also is thought to play a role. These range from genetics to hormonal fluctuations, and over weight to type 2 diabetes.

At Nell Laser Clinic we guide you to identify the reason for skin tags on the neck and recommend specific treatments for neck skin tags. Overall, this guide helps you with everything you need to know about what causes skin tags and how effectively remove them.

How to Identify Skin Tags around the Neck

If you have never had a skin tag before it’s relatively easy to identify them. Here’s how to quickly identify them from other skin conditions:

  • Skin tags are soft outgrowths of skin attached by a stalk.
  • Most skin tags typically are small 2-5 mm in diameter but may become as large as a grape size.
  • Skin tags are usually the same color as your skin but can vary by a different shade.
  • They mostly occur around the neck, armpits, under breast, back, eyelids and groin.
  • Skin tags shouldn’t cause you any pain unless there is a source of irritation.

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